Add to Drop Down List in SuiteCRM

1. Click on Admin in the drop down menu under your name in the upper right. Note: you have to have admin privileges to do this.


2. Scroll down to the Developer Tools section. In my CRM it is the fourth section on the page. Click on Dropdown Editor in the Developer Tools section. For me, it is the last link in the second column of the section.

3. In the drop down editor window, select the list you want to edit. Make sure it is the correct list since many lists have similar names.

4. When the list opens scroll down until you see the Item Name and Display Label fields. You will notice that all the items already in the list are in pairs. The data in bold is the Item Name — this is the unique identifier for the list item used by the CRM and is not visible to users. The data in parentheses is the Display Label. This is visible to the users in the drop down.


6. Enter an Item Name consistent with the way other items have been named. In the example above numbers were used, so you would enter a number. But it has to be unique on this list. You can’t enter 23 again, for example.

7. Enter the Display Label.

8. Click Add. You may want to move the item to a different place in the list, but save before you do.

9. VERY IMPORTANT: Scroll up and click Save. Many users forget this step and then are confused when the item doesn’t appear in the dropdown list.

10. After you have saved, you can go back into the list and drag and drop the item to where you want it to show up in the list.

11. Make sure you click Save again!

Author: Terry Matz

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